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Why Would I Need Kidney Dialysis?

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

Kidney dialysis is a medical treatment process used to assist in filtering the wastes out of the blood in the body. Normally, the kidneys handle filtration on their own. When the kidneys start to fail, patients must start to look for other waste filtering options. A person can live with just one kidney, but should both kidneys fail, then kidney dialysis is necessary.

Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease

It might not be readily apparent that a person suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease at first as the symptoms tend to really start showing up after the disease has been present for quite some time. However, the following symptoms could indicate a problem and should be reported to your health care professional.

  • Urinating more or less frequently than normal
  • Change in urine color
  • Bubbly or foamy urine
  • Short, shallow breathing
  • Pain in the lower back or side
  • Swollen hands, feet, ankles, wrists, or face
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Taste of ammonia or metal in the mouth
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Hypoglycemia, especially if diabetic
  • Lack of appetite

Your doctor may recommend testing your glomerular filtration rate, albumin in the urine, or performing a simple dipstick urine test to check on the health of your kidneys.

The Kidney Dialysis Process

If diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, failure is just a matter of time. Once dialysis becomes necessary, you will have a few different options.

  • Hemodialysis is performed at a medical facility such as Reliant Renal Care. Treatment takes four hours, which does not include travel time and post treatment monitoring. Blood is filtered through needles and a shunt.
  • Home hemodialysis is the same, but performed at home.
  • Peritoneal dialysis is performed nightly. The fluid passes into and out of the abdomen through a catheter and filtered through a dialysis machine.

Can Chronic Kidney Disease Be Treated?

A healthy diet, healthy body weight, and frequent monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar can go a long to help with Chronic Kidney Disease. The last resort after all other options is to wait for a kidney transplant. In the meantime, get all your questions answered compassionate care at Reliant Renal Care. Contact us by calling 610-892-4700.