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Reliant Renal Care’s Year In Review: What We Have Accomplished & Where We Are Going In 2015

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

New Dialysis Centers, Partnerships & Continued Home Hemodialysis Education Are On The Horizon

Reliant Renal Care (RRC) has been very active this past year. A new 10 station dialysis center was completed and certified at the York Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. This center now provides in-center hemodialysis, and home training services to the residents of the skilled nursing center and to community dialysis patients as well. The residents of York needing dialysis services can now receive treatment in their “home” instead of being transported to a local dialysis center three times per week.

RRC also constructed three freestanding Home Dialysis Training Programs located in Bessemer, Alabama, Kenner, Louisiana, which is near New Orleans, and Lapeer, Michigan. These state-of-the art training centers will offer patients with renal disease a choice of therapy options that best meet their needs and lifestyles. Patients selecting home dialysis therapy will receive individualized training by our certified and trained staff over a 2 to 4 week period. Once training is completed, the patient will dialyze in the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule and return to the home training center once per month for a clinic visit with the nephrologist and staff. Our dedicated training staff is available 24/7 for our home patients. In addition, if a patient is trained for home dialysis but wishes to dialyze in our home training center, they may schedule time with the staff to perform their treatment with us.


Bringing The Reliant Renal Care Mission To Skilled Nursing Facilities

As an expansion of the home training program, RRC has begun to offer staff assisted home hemodialysis services to skilled nursing centers in two states, Michigan and Louisiana. By offering residents in skilled nursing homes the opportunity to dialyze in their residence, the need for transporting the residents to a local dialysis center three times a week for roughly 5-6 hours each day is eliminated. This also saves Medicare and Medicaid significant money. In addition, the resident does not miss meals, therapy sessions or supportive family/friend visits. RRC provides a turnkey operation providing the equipment, supplies, drugs and trained staff who provide the dialysis treatments on-site. To see a video of the services provided in one of the skilled nursing center go on to our website at


Building The Future Of Dialysis Through Home Choice Hemodialysis

It is evident that RRC is a strong proponent of home dialysis therapy with over 20% of our patients dialyzing at home. I am extremely proud of the efforts our nephrologists, and dedicated staff, in educating patients with end-stage renal disease on all of the different therapy options that are available and enabling our patients the choice that best meets their needs. Our clinical outcomes have demonstrated that patients electing home dialysis have reduced hospitalizations, need few dietary restrictions and fewer medications than patients on in-center dialysis.

RRC will continue to grow our home dialysis programs in 2015 and expand our staff assisted home hemodialysis program into more locations. Our mission is clear- we will provide the highest quality of care of our patients while providing superior services to our physicians and creating an environment of trust and empowerment among our employees.

Barbara Bednar, MHA, RN, CNN