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Reliant Renal Care Begins First Staff Assisted Home Dialysis Program in Skilled Nursing Facility

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

Media, PA– RRC Louisiana LLC and Nottingham Regional Rehab Center have partnered to offer Staff Assisted Home Dialysis to residents in the Baton Rouge Area.

About Skilled Nursing Facilities

The majority of residents within skilled nursing facilities with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) are transported to a local dialysis center thrice weekly. RRC’s new program provides residents the choice to receive their treatment in their facility as a home patient.

“At RRC, we understand the need of residents within a skilled nursing facility for more modality choices beyond the in-center model”, said Barbara Bednar, RRC President & CEO. “By providing staff assisted home dialysis to residents with ESRD in their “home”, the resident can experience a better quality of life through the elimination of transportation, missed therapy sessions, meals, medications and family visits.

About Reliant Renal Care
Reliant Renal Care, Inc has dialysis centers in five states currently. In addition, RRC has three home choice centers under construction in Louisiana, Alabama and Michigan and a 10 station dialysis center within a skilled nursing & rehab center in the Philadelphia area.

Dialysis patients or loved ones residing in skilled nursing center interested in learning more, please call 610-892-4700 or email us through our contact form.