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Bringing The Comforts Of Home When Treating Dialysis Patients In Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers

Both medical professionals and dialysis patients agree, Reliant Renal Care’s Home Choice™ program is a better way to provide the dialysis care patients need to lead longer, healthier lives. Statistics show there is a growing need for dialysis in the United States.

Currently, there are 485,000 dialysis patients in the country. As the population ages, it’s expected that this number will grow to 755,000 by 2020. A partnership with RRC ensures that your skilled nursing or rehabilitation center will be ahead of the trend and suited to market and provide the high level of care before other facilities can. Our vision is simple: We want to deliver quality care, using advanced technology, leveraging a nimble and experienced executive team to carry out this mission. We are happy to say this mission is underway.

Reliant Renal Care Home Choice™ Is A Better Way:

  • Residents are dialyzed in a comfortable den setting.
  • Each patient has his or her own personal dialysis machine.
  • All billings for treatment are submitted under Reliant’s provider number.
  • We value the physician / patient relationship and offer many options for referring nephrologists.
  • Reliant’s interdisciplinary team actively coordinates with your staff to provide comprehensive care planning for each resident’s physical and emotional needs.
  • We communicate with the SNF and nephrologist on a daily basis.

Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

Bringing Major Benefits To Your Facility

Bringing Reliant Renal Care’s Home Choice™ to your facility will set you up for future success. Here’s how:

  • Eliminate the costs of transportation fees and the cost of CNA’s who accompany drivers.
  • Provide a new service line to market for end- stage renal disease patients, thereby boosting occupancy, equating to a higher Resource Utilization Group (RUG) Rate.
  • Create a true competitive advantage in your service region with growth of Accountable Care Organizations.
  • Patients are available for onsite therapy, which can lead to increased revenues.
  • You now have the flexibility to accommodate various treatment schedules with ease.
  • Give your patients their lives back. Faster treatment means more hours for them to accomplish therapy or spend time with family without being exhausted.
  • Research has demonstrated that daily dialysis increases survival rates, improves Albumin levels and decreases hospitalization for residents in Skilled Nursing Centers.