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Nocturnal Dialysis: Enhance Your Life Today

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

The whole dialysis process, although necessary, can really take a toll on an individual both physically and mentally. Not only does it take a minimum of three hours a day, three days out of your week, it can also leave you feeling tired and weak after the process, leaving the rest of the as recovery time, potentially depriving you of doing things you need, or even want, to do. Because of these consequences of treatment, dialysis can affect your loved ones, too. They may have to take you to the dialysis center, wait for you, bring you home and make sure that you are ok. Or, they may not get to spend quality, energized time with you, which can strain a personal relationship. Fortunately there is a way to help you spend more quality time with your loved ones and do more throughout your days: nocturnal dialysis.

Facts About Nocturnal Dialysis

Nocturnal dialysis is a hemodialysis program that won’t intrude on your daytime schedule.
This dialysis program occurs at night, while you sleep. Nocturnal dialysis is a much slower dialysis procedure that can take up to 8 hours, which means that it is easier for your body to tolerate and is able to remove more waste and fluid from your blood. Patients have reported that, with nocturnal dialysis, they feel better and more energized. And, because this program requires less visits to our clinic, you are able to save money.

This process first launched in Canada back in the 1990s. The first US programs were found in Virginia and New York. Reliant Renal Care now provides in-center nocturnal dialysis at all our locations in Georgia, Pennsylvania and throughout Louisiana, Michigan, Texas and Alabama.

Improve Your Quality Of Life Through Nocturnal Dialysis

Patients that have undergone nocturnal dialysis have reported that they’ve felt better and have had a better appetite and more energy. With this treatment, there are far less diet restrictions, allowing you to enjoy more of the foods you love. Beyond that, patients have reported the following:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Are more alert
  • No longer experience sleep apnea
  • Have lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced amount of medications

This treatment is administered at night, while you are sleeping, allowing you to do more of the things you want to do during the day. While in our nocturnal dialysis program, you will now have the energy to watch your children and grandchildren’s sports games, dance recitals and musical concerts. You will be able to be present for family functions, spend more time with your close friends and even be able to work again. Being around and spending more quality time with the people you care about the most and doing what you love to do are the most gratifying things that our nocturnal dialysis program can give you.

Start Nocturnal Dialysis Today!

We know that going to dialysis can be a tough process. At Reliant Renal Care, we are here to be your support group and strive to provide the best possible treatments to our patients. Just because you have to go through dialysis, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life. Contact us for more information about our in-center nocturnal dialysis program. Get started and enhance the quality of your life today!