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March Is National Kidney Health Month

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

National Kidney Health Month is the perfect time to spread awareness about how to take measures to prevent and detect early stages of kidney disease. Kidney disease is very common, with more than 10% of the adult population in the U.S. over age 20 having some form of chronic kidney disease. With more baby boomers aging, even more of the population is at risk of developing it in coming years. With proper preventative treatment, many of these cases could have been prevented. However, kidney disease can be effectively managed to prevent it from escalating into more serious stages that can cause kidney failure. An inhibiting factor to prevention, which put kidney disease the 9th leading cause of death back in 2012, is a lack of information about the risks. Most of the people affected by chronic kidney disease were completely unaware of their condition or that they were at risk until it was to late. So how do we change this!?

Risk Factors & Identifying Kidney Disease

Being able to recognize the warning signs of early stages of kidney disease, and knowing the key risk factors can help save lives. Diabetes, high blood pressure, and the natural aging process are the main causes of most kidney disease cases. While no one can do much to stop aging, there are many methods to manage the diabetes and high blood pressure to ensure that kidney disease never develops or doesn’t become too advanced. Other key risk factors to consider are if you have any form of cardiovascular disease, and if your family has a history of kidney disease.

While catching kidney disease early helps prevent kidney failure, actually identifying the onset of kidney disease is difficult since there are no symptoms for early stages. The only way to tell if you have developed kidney disease is through blood tests and urine tests. If you know that you are at risk of developing kidney disease based on the factors mentioned above, get tested on a regular basis. Kidney disease does not go away, and will get worse over time without proper treatment. Putting in the time to get tested and taking any preventative measures to stop it before it develops is the only surefire way to be free of kidney disease.

How To Get Involved In Promoting Kidney Health

The National Kidney Disease Education Program outlined some great ways to share information and spread awareness for kidney disease.


  • Keep Yourself In The Know – By becoming familiar with the warning signs, stages, and symptoms of all stages of kidney disease, you can identify those that may be at risk or those that need to seek out treatment.
  • Share With Your Community – Educate others about the threat of kidney disease and the simple measures that they can take towards prevention, treatment, and spreading awareness through their friends and family.
  • Talk To Friends & Family At Risk – If you’ve recognized that any of your family members or friends are at risk of kidney disease, encourage them to get a simple test to check for it. Early detection can help save their life.
  • Email/Message A Friend Or Family Member – Taking the time to send a quick email or message over social media is all you need to spread awareness. Help keep the people that you care about happy and healthy.


Let’s all work together to help those whose lives are affected or at risk of being affected by kidney disease. If you would like more information on kidney disease, prevention, treatment, or would like to get tested, contact us at Reliant Renal Care and schedule an appointment. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

You can also check out the National Kidney Disease Education Program for even more information about kidney disease and how you can play your part in spreading awareness.