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Home Renal Care

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

The traditional dialysis routine in a clinic setting is tough on patients. Often patients will feel poorly for four to six hours, sometimes the rest of the day after a dialysis treatment in a center. They start feeling better by the next day. By the time they feel really well, they’re back on dialysis again. So it’s very hard on people, especially as they get older, to have to go through that kind of treatment. Hemodialysis at home where you are the one doing your treatment. At home, you may be better able to fit your treatments into your daily schedule. Studies show that the more you know about your treatment and the more you do on your own, the better you are likely to do on dialysis.

Different Types of Home Hemodialysis

Three types of hemodialysis can be performed at home:

  • Conventional home hemodialysis: You do this three times a week for three to four hours or longer each time. You and your care partner are trained to do dialysis safely and to handle any problems that may come up. Training may take from several weeks to a few months.
  • Short daily home hemodialysis: This is usually done five to seven times a week using new machines designed for short daily home treatment. Treatments usually last about two hours each. You and your care partner are trained over several weeks. Because you are doing dialysis more often, less fluid generally needs to be removed each time. This reduces symptoms like headaches, nausea, cramping and feeling “washed out” after treatment
  • Nocturnal home hemodialysis: Long, slow treatments done at night while you sleep. You may do this kind of dialysis six nights a week or every other night. This depends on what your doctor prescribes for you. Treatments usually last about six to eight hours. You and your care partner are trained over several weeks. Some centers monitor your treatments by sending information from your dialysis machine to a staffed location by telephone modem or the Internet. More hours of dialysis each week can result in more waste removal.

Whatever treatment option you choose, it is important to know if you are getting the right amount of dialysis. Tests should be done regularly to check the amount of dialysis you receive.

Better Quality of Life

Reliant Renal Care wants you to have the best quality of care, with the added value of dialysis on your schedule. The freedom to live your life and not be tied up with appointments. To have the choice that best suits your needs on your schedule. Call Reliant Renal Care today to get started with your freedom from appointments (610) 892-4700.