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Why Donate a Kidney to a Stranger?

Posted by Reliant Renal Care

At Reliant Renal Care, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art kidney dialysis machines that will improve the quality of life for a patient who has failing kidneys. However, the only true cure for a patient with failing kidneys is a kidney transplant. Because of this, we always encourage others to consider donating one of their kidneys. Even if you’ve never considered donating a kidney before, we want you to think about these following points.

You’ll Save Someone’s Life

Those who are on the waitlist for a kidney will already have failing kidneys, meaning that their only real options are kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant. While technology has come a long way in improving kidney dialysis machines, a person going through kidney dialysis won’t have nearly the same quality of life as a normal person. Kidney dialysis can only replace a fraction of a person’s kidney function and a staggering amount of those on dialysis won’t survive for another five years. By giving one of these patients a kidney, you’ll be able to save a life.

You Actually Don’t Need Two Kidneys

This may surprise some people, but a person’s quality of life doesn’t go down by donating a kidney. In fact, there’s no evidence at all that a person’s life expectancy will decrease from it. Now, you may wonder about what would happen if you get kidney disease and you may think that having an additional kidney would help you out in this circumstance. The truth though is that kidney disease actually attacks both kidneys equally. If you get a kidney disease, it doesn’t matter whether you have one or two kidneys.

The Operation Is Safe

While the surgery isn’t fail-proof – as no major surgeries are – having a kidney removed is as safe as can be. Death and major complications are extraordinarily rare – it’s even safer than childbirth. If you’re considering donating a kidney, you shouldn’t let the operation stop you.

Contact Your Kidney Dialysis Providers!

We understand that choosing to donate a kidney isn’t something that can be decided on in such a quick and simple manner, but we want you to keep this idea in mind. If you’d like to talk to us about it, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or by phone at (610) 892-4700. If you’d like to come in and see us, feel free to take a look at our locations page to find our office nearest you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!