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Barbara A. Bednar
Chairman Of The Board
David Freeman
Founding Partner for Ferrer Freeman and Company

Andrew Carragher
Founder and Managing Director for DW Healthcare Partners

Philip A. Incarnati
President and CEO for McLaren Healthcare Corporation

Keith W. Jones
CEO of ABC Home Medical Supply, Inc.


Carl Motz
President and Chief Executive Officer
Nola M. McMullen
Chief Operating Officer

Geoff Wade
Chief Development Officer

Tara Gleason
Vice President of Finance


Dr. Nabil Zaki, MD
Medical Director: Lapeer, West Flint, MI & Davison Home Choice™
Dr. Ali K. Owda
Medical Director: Lapeer, MI Home Choice™ Assistant Medical Director: Lapeer, West Flint, Davison

Dr. Manjit S. Grewal
M.D., FACP, FASN – Medical Director: Davison , MI

Dr. Sundar Ramanathan
Medical Director: Mt. Morris, MI

Dr. Jack Gratch
Medical Director: East Fort Worth and West Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Michael Katz
Medical Director: Piedmont North, GA

Dr. Michael Robards
Medical Director: Northridge, AL
Dr. Jeoffrey Alilnou
Medical Director: Bessemer, AL

Dr. Daranee Chewaproug
Medical Director: Cheltenham, PA