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Our goal at Reliant Renal Care is simple: Provide excellent education, training and treatment to dialysis patients and candidates of dialysis, alike, so they understand the full spectrum of treatment options available and how those options can correlate to improved health results and improved quality of life.

Since its launch in 2007 under the expert guidance of Barbara Bednar, who is a certified nephrology nurse with more than 35 years of dialysis experience as both a clinician and administrator for some of the largest dialysis companies in the United States, Reliant Renal Care has grown to include dialysis centers in six states and provides a full range of treatment options, including conventional in-center hemodialysis, acute care, home dialysis training and staff-assisted home dialysis within skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities.
At the heart of RRC’s philosophy is the health and well being of the patient. The driving trend of our organization is that the notion of dialysis treatments three times weekly, which is commonplace in most conventional treatment centers, is flawed and problematic because it only provides 10% of the clearance power of normal kidney function. To compound this, the patient population requiring dialysis treatment is growing dramatically. As this population continues to balloon, hospitals will be expected to maintain the same levels of high quality care in a cost effective manner. Reliant Renal Care is positioned strategically to meet this challenge head on through patient education and results driven medical care.
We believe that the dialysis treatment option selected by a patient is the most central and critical decision a patient will make in the face of living day-to-day with renal disease. It is the patient’s right to be fully informed on all possible dialysis modalities and how those modalities are offered. We aim to move the needle from three times weekly treatments, which is the current treatment schedule for 91% of dialysis patients, to peritoneal, or at home, dialysis. We believe that dialyzing more frequently improves survival rates, recovery times after treatment, dependency on medication, dietary restrictions, reduced stress and, ultimately, leads to a better quality of life. Nationwide, only nine percent of dialysis patients utilize home dialysis. At RRC, our utilization is near 20 percent, with some of our facilities at 35 – 40 percent. RRC is also leading the way in bringing dialysis to non-traditional environments, including nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities. At the core, these fundamental ways of thinking and applying our philosophies to our practice separate us from other dialysis educators and providers.

We are excited about our journey to alter the way dialysis treatments are performed. We are motivated to provide the highest quality care for patients across the country. We would love for you to be part of our journey and mission.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of renal care to our patients while providing superior service to our physician partners and creating an environment of trust and empowerment among our employees.


RRC’s size and structure allows us to create more personal and reliable relationship with our employees, partners, physicians and, most importantly, our patients

RRC partners directly with nephrologists, hospitals, and owners/operators of skilled nursing facility to increase the quality of life and availability of choices for dialysis patients

RRC’s business model and focus are ahead of curve, anticipating the growth in the dialysis population. This means our facilities and our partners will be positioned for the present and future success


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